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Information for Kindergartens

We cordially invite interested day-cares and kindergartens to join us in exploring how children learn and understand their environment!


When conducting a study in your institution, we try to keep the effort you need to invest to a minimum.

Therefore, we are happy to visit your institution and playfully carry out the testing directly in the available premises.


In advance you will receive written information about the current study as well as declarations of consent for the parents. Of course, we only test children whose parents agree to participate.


At the end you will also receive feedback on the results of the study.


Cooperation between Kindergarten and LMU

In order to fulfil our research mandate, we are also happy to enter into partnerships with kindergartens to intensify our cooperation. 


Our partner program includes, for example, joint gala evenings, training events with lectures on developmental psychological topics, and annual newsletters with current research projects and study results.


If you are interested in a unique study or a partnership with the LMU, please contact our laboratory manager Ms. Katharina Heiß.


Phone:        089/2180-5022
E-Mail:        labmanagement.kinderstudien@psy.lmu.de